Scrap Gold Buyer in Melbourne With The Best Prices

Do you have old jewellery? Get the highest scrap gold prices in Melbourne at Gold Buyers Group. You can sell all the scrap gold that you have and get a great price for it on the spot. Scrap gold may be any old or broken piece of jewellery that has to be melted before being used in jewellery or put to any other use. Often, many people tend to think that scrap gold has no value or it cannot be sold for a profit. We offer great prices for old jewellery items. 

See what your old jewellery or scrap gold is worth when you come to our office in Melbourne. Our scrap gold prices are based on:

  Gold percentage in the scrap

  Gold purity

  Gold weight

  Current gold prices


What Makes Us the Best Scrap Gold Buyer?

Are you anxious about the value of your old or scrap gold? Every seller looks for and values trust as well as a fair trade when it comes to selling gold. Sell with confidence at Gold Buyers Group. With us, you always get:

03 9191 4484

Level 11 (Suite 1103) 227 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000

  High price

  No hidden charges

  Experienced evaluators

  Instant cash payment

All transactions are 100% secure at our office. Our staff explains every aspect of the sale to you and answers all your queries. Sell your scrap gold with confidence and get the best price in exchange.

How to sell your scrap gold?

At Gold Buyers Group, we make selling gold simple, safe and easy for you. Here is how it works:

 Visit our office

 Evaluation of purity by experts

 Weighting of gold

 On-the-spot offer

 Cash payment

How Can I Estimate and Sell My Scrap Gold for the Best Price?

Do you have gold jewellery that is not mixed with any other metal? You can weigh it and then find its purity, multiply it by that current gold price and arrive at a rough figure.

However, you may not have those details – like most sellers – or you may be unsure about its purity. The easiest alternative is to walk into our store at Melbourne, near Flinders St Station, and our team can examine your gold. We offer honest evaluations before making an offer.

Why Sell Your Scrap Gold?

Many are aware of the various benefits of selling scrap gold. Here are a few of them:

  • Instant Cash: Scrap gold can turn out to be a wonderful source of funds. It gets you instant cash when you need it.
  • Cash for new jewellery: Are you planning to buy new jewellery for a special occasion? You can use your scrap jewellery to finance part of your new purchase. This way you can make some space for new jewellery while getting cash to pay for part of your new purchase.
  • High price: You can get the maximum benefit if you sell when gold prices are high.
  • Profiting from old jewellery: One of the best parts of selling scrap gold is that you profit from scrap gold. It can fetch you a good amount of money while you exchange gold scrap that is not useful for you.

We buy the following types of scrap jewellery:

 Gold Jewellery

 Silver Jewellery


 Gold and Silver Pendants

 Gold and Silver Earrings

 Gold and Silver Rings

 Gold Watches

 Gold Nuggets

 Gold Coins

 Gold Bullion

 Silver Bullion

 Gold and Silver Chains

Get the Best Prices for Scrap Gold at Gold Buyers Group

For selling scrap gold at highest prices, look no further than Gold Buyers Group. We are among trusted gold dealers in Melbourne. We purchase every kind of gold, be it 14ct gold rings or 22ct gold jewellery in Melbourne. Call us on 03 9191 4484 and our experts will be happy to help you. For email queries, you can contact us at


How do you calculate scrap gold price?

We calculate the price of scrap gold based on quantity, weight, and purity. The prices we offer are based on these factors as well as the current market rates. Call our team on 03 9191 4484 for more details.

What is the difference between gold and scrap gold?

Pure gold is sold as bullion or in the form of jewellery. It is also sold as an industrial product for use in various machines and equipment. Scrap gold is any form of gold that is old and not in its original shape. It can be old coins, broken jewellery or a non-working gold wristwatch. The scrap gold needs to be extracted and sent for refining or melting before it can be used or sold again.

How much is a 9ct gold chain worth?

The price of your 9ct gold chain will be based on its weight and condition. Check out our website for current prices or call our team on 91 91 44 84 for an accurate quote.

What is the average price of 14ct Gold?

Check out our website for the current rate of 14ct gold. You can also call us on 91 91 44 84 for more information.

What is the average price of 18ct Gold?

The price of 18ct gold will depend on its weight and condition. For more details, call us on 039191 4484 or write to us at

What is the average price of 22ct Gold?

To get the current rate check our website or call us on 03 9191 4484. You can also visit our office to get an accurate price.

How much is gold per gram?

The price of scrap gold depends on its purity and the current market rate. You can bring in your scrap gold to our store and get an accurate price.

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