Trusted Gold Buyers and Dealers in Melbourne CBD – Get Cash for Gold

Do you want to sell gold quickly for cash and get the top dollar for it? Gold Buyers Group is the best place to sell gold in Melbourne. We are a reputed buyer that accepts any type of gold and offers the highest price.

Like most buyers, you might be anxious where to sell gold securely at the maximum price. We buy gold in all forms such as jewellery or bullion. Whether you have gold coins for sale or want to sell jewellery, we are here to help.

Why Choose Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion is popular amongst buyers. Here are the various benefits of choosing gold bullion:

  • Easy to encash: You don’t have to worry about how to sell gold bullion. It is very easy to encash them with gold dealers like Gold Buyers Group. We offer top cash for gold bullion, gold bars, and gold coins based on the current market price.
  • Steady demand: Though you might be anxious, there’s no need to stress about demand when it comes to gold bullion. Gold’s demand has continuously risen with time.

How to Sell Jewellery for Cash?

Do you want to sell your gold jewellery for cash? Many people wonder how their jewellery is evaluated and how much will I get for it. Gold Buyers Group is the best place to sell gold jewellery, silver or diamonds. We buy gold, silver, and diamonds. Whether it’s old jewellery, gold and silver bullion, coins and even gold wristwatches, you can get a great rate for the same.

We offer secure transactions at our shop. Our expert staff offer the selling price based on the current market price. We make an on-the-spot offer and pay cash immediately if you accept. You do not need to make an appointment before coming.

We are amongst the top gold and silver buyers in Melbourne. You can sell your gold jewellery and get the top dollar for it. Are you wondering what the price for 1 gram of gold is? The price and gold resale value keep changing according to demand and supply.

Below is a general indication of the buy price of gold, based on purity:

  • 9ct gold price (per gram): $33.67
  • 14ct gold price (per gram): $52.52
  • 18ct gold price (per gram): $67.33
  • 22ct gold price (per gram): $82.33
  • 24ct gold price (per gram): $91.58

*as of 05 June 2023

Please note that these prices are subject to change at any time. To find out the latest price of gold, check our website or speak to our experts.

Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring in Melbourne CBD

Are you looking to sell your diamond engagement ring but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. For selling engagement rings or diamonds of any colour, clarity, carat, or cut, look no further than us. You can get the highest cash for diamonds in Melbourne.

It is essential to sell your diamond jewellery to experts, who accurately evaluate your diamonds for their true value. With us, you get the fair market value of your diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewellery. As a seller, you may not be aware of many aspects that affect the value of the diamond. The price you paid for your diamond engagement ring is not an indication of its current value.

We evaluate the diamonds based on their condition and other factors. Our experts are happy to share the details of the evaluation process, current pricing, and how we determine the price before making you an offer. After you accept our quote, we go ahead with the purchase of your diamond ring or loose diamonds.

Trusted Gold Dealer, Diamond Ring, and Gold Jewellery Buyers in Melbourne

Gold Buyers Group sells and buys gold jewellery, gold nuggets, and engagement rings. As trusted buyers of gold jewellery, We provide a transparent and reliable service, ensuring fair evaluations and Be assured of getting the best price when you sell silver bullion or gold bullion to us. We are one of the biggest silver and gold buyers in Melbourne. Sell diamonds, gold, or silver with confidence and with complete privacy at our shop. We are located at Melbourne CBD near Flinders St Station.

We offer:

  • Highest price of your gold, silver, and diamonds
  • Secure transactions
  • Cash for gold
  • Evaluation, testing and weighting before you
  • Easy buying process
  • No obligation quotes

Call us on 91 91 44 84 or email at for more details.