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Looking to sell your unwanted gold jewellery & bullion in Melbourne? Gold Buyers Group has you covered. We offer the best prices for your gold, ensuring a hassle-free and secure transaction each and every time.

Using nothing but the latest gold testing equipment and certified gold measurement scales, we are able to offer you the right price and best instant cash rates that Melbourne has to offer. Our expert staff prides itself on the transparency, confidentiality and reliability of our dealings. At Gold Buyers Group, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best rate at no extra charges.

For any queries or assistance, reach out to us on 03 91 91 44 84 or drop us an email at

Why Melbourne Trusts Gold Buyers Group

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Discover How to Sell Your Gold With Us

Gold Purity evaluation for selling gold

Purity Evaluation

Using the latest gold testing equipment and XRF technology, we accurately determine the karat grade of your gold items to ensure a fair valuation.

Fair and proper gold weighing


Following the purity assessment, we weigh your gold using certified scales to ensure precise measurements, which directly impact the price offer you’ll receive.

Competitive prices for your gold in Melbourne

Current Gold Price Quote

Based on the assessed purity and weight, we provide a quote reflecting the current market prices, ensuring you receive the best rates for your gold items.

Cash for gold Melbourne

Cash Payment

Once the price is agreed upon, we process an instant cash payment for your gold, ensuring our commitment to offering the best prices and a hassle-free experience.

Why Choose Gold Buyers Group In Melbourne?

✓ Highest Value For Your Gold
At Gold Buyers Group, we pride ourselves on offering the highest value for your gold, diamonds, and silver. Our expert valuations ensure you receive the best price based on current market rates.

✓ All Kinds Of Gold Accepted
We welcome a wide range of gold and silver items, ensuring a one-stop solution for selling your precious metals. Our acceptance extends to various types of jewellery, coins, and bullion.

✓ Any Condition Accepted
Whether your gold ring, jewellery or bullion is new, old, or broken, we accept items in any condition. Our aim is to provide a platform where every piece of gold finds its value.

✓ No Appointments Required
We value your time and offer a no-appointment-necessary service. You can walk into our office at your convenience, making the process of selling your gold even easier. 

✓ Hassle-Free Process
Our selling and buying process is designed to be hassle-free and straightforward. From valuation to payment, each step is conducted with transparency and professionalism.

✓ Secure Transactions and Instant Payments
Security is crucial in every transaction we conduct. Along with secure transactions, we provide instant cash payments, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of jewellery do you buy?

We purchase authentic gold and silver jewellery, irrespective of its condition. The jewellery can be of any shape, size, and purity, including 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct, or 24ct. Some of the common types of jewellery we buy are gold chains, gold earrings, pendants, gold rings, gold watches, gold nuggets, and gold coins.

Find out more about what gold and silver items we buy on our What We Buy page.

What is the price of gold at Gold Buyers Group?

The actual price of gold we offer can vary based on several factors including the purity of the gold, the form in which it is being sold, and the prevailing market price of gold.

To stay updated with the current price of gold, you can check our daily gold prices and rest assured with our price beat. For any questions, contact us via calling 0391 914 484. Our team is always available to provide you with the latest gold pricing information, ensuring a transparent and fair valuation for your gold items.

How do you evaluate the gold jewellery and bullion?

At Gold Buyers Group, we ensure a transparent and simple evaluation process for your gold and silver items. Our expert team, equipped with the right skills, experience, and technology, accurately tests various types of gold and silver jewellery or bullion you wish to sell.

We employ precision weighing machines and XRF technology for purity testing to ascertain the correct weight and purity of your jewellery. This meticulous evaluation allows us to offer the best prices based on current market rates. Upon accepting our offer, we provide instant cash payments, making us a reliable choice for selling your precious items.

What things affect old jewellery prices?

The three most important things that affect gold and silver jewellery prices include the weight, purity, and the current market price. Reach out to our gold experts to get an accurate price for your gold and silver pieces.