Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring for the Best Price in Melbourne

Sell your diamond ring for the highest price in Melbourne with Gold Buyers Group – one of the top buyers of diamond rings of all carats. We know that selling a diamond ring is not an easy decision. That’s the reason why we make the process simple and stress-free. Our friendly staff can assist you in selling your engagement ring.

Like most sellers, you might be wondering where to sell diamond engagement rings. As a trusted buyer of diamond engagement rings, we offer secure transactions. Walk into our store at Melbourne CBD to sell engagement rings and receive on-the-spot cash payment. We buy any type of diamond ring, irrespective of how damaged it is. You can sell us your ring with a diamond of any colour, cut, carat, or clarity and get the highest price in Melbourne.

Types of Diamond Engagement Rings by Shapes

Here are the various types of diamond engagement rings by shapes that you can sell to us for top dollar:

  • Oval-shaped diamond rings: These engagement rings are quite popular with buyers. Sell your oval-shaped diamond engagement ring to us for the highest price. Please note that the clarity of the diamond and the band (gold, white gold or Platinum) may affect the ring’s selling price.

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  • Round-shaped diamond rings: The round cut is a classic shape for diamond rings. These are generally expensive with comparatively bigger diamonds. You may get a higher price for them based on their carat or size and purity.
  • Radiant engagement rings: As the name suggests, these types of rings are known for their brilliance or radiance. The price is usually less as compared to other types unless the carat or size is big. You can bring it for evaluation and get an on-the-spot quote from our expert staff.
  • Pear-shaped diamond rings: Pears are not a common shape with the diamond ring. This stone shape is elongated and can be set in pure gold or rose gold. It has a modern style and the diamonds are usually bigger than the round shape. Its selling price is also consequently higher. You can speak to our expert staff for more details.
  • Emerald engagement rings: Is your diamond engagement ring rectangular shaped? Does it have curved facets that sparkle in the light? The emerald engagement ring is for those who value quality and style over price. You may have bought this ring at a premium rate – so it’s best to get a high price. We evaluate it for carat, weight, cut, or clarity and pay you the best possible price for it.

Types of Diamond Engagement Rings by Metal

You can sell diamond rings to us, irrespective of their metal band. Sometimes, you may also get a higher selling price based on the metal, such as gold, which its inherent value. Here are the common types of diamond engagement rings based on the metal band:

  • Yellow Gold: This is one of the most common forms of diamond engagement ring. The diamond is encased in a gold band that dazzles with its yellow radiance. You get a good price for this type of ring as the gold has its constantly increasing value, which is calculated separately from the diamond. The purity of gold and its weight determines its price.
  • Rose Gold: This diamond ring’s band has a mix of gold and copper. Bring your diamond ring encased in rose gold and let our expert staff evaluate it.
  • White Gold: Another common type of diamond ring is the white gold ring. Its band is made of pure gold mixed with copper, zinc, and nickel. This makes it strong and long-lasting. It also usually has Rhodium plating, which makes the colour appear whiter.

How Can I Sell my diamond Ring for Top Dollar?

At Gold Buyers Group, the selling process is simple and stress-free. As a trusted diamond buyer in Melbourne, here is how we work:

  1. Visit us: You can visit our shop without taking a prior appointment. Our shop is located in Melbourne CBD.
  2. Get an evaluation: Once you bring your diamond ring, our expert gemologist evaluates it for purity, carat, cut, clarity, etc.
  3. Quote and instant cash payment: We give an on-the-spot quote and answer any queries that you may have. Once the offer is accepted, we pay you cash.

Why Choose Gold Buyers Group?

When you decide to sell your engagement ring, it’s best to go for a reliable jeweller buyer that pays you the best price. That’s where we, at Gold Buyers Group, step in. Here are some reasons to choose us to sell their diamond engagement ring:

 Highest price for diamond

 Immediate cash payment

 All sizes and colours of diamond rings accepted

 Damaged diamonds rings accepted

 Hassle-free process

 Accurate price evaluation by expert staff

 No hidden charges

Visit our store at Melbourne CBD today to sell your diamond engagement ring at the best price. To know more, you can call us on 0391914484 or email us at



Should I clean or polish my engagement ring before selling it?

A clean and polished engagement ring may get you a better selling price. It’s a good idea to get it cleaned or polished by a professional rather than doing it yourself and accidentally damaging it. This may or may not increase its value in the same proportion. Reach out to us on 03 9191 4484 for more details.

Can I sell my engagement ring for immediate cash?

Yes, you can sell your engagement ring and get cash payment for it at Gold Buyers Group in Melbourne.

Do diamond rings lose value?

Yes, the damage to the diamond over time also impacts its value. Unlike gold or other precious metals, the diamond cannot be melted and reused. To find out the resale value of your diamond engagement ring, you can visit our office or call us on 03 9191 4484.

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