Reputable Gold Buyers and Dealers in Tullamarine

Have considered getting cash for gold? Gold is a valuable precious metal, and there are various ways you can sell gold items to receive cash in return. However, before selling your gold, it’s best to be cautious in choosing reputable jewellery buyers to ensure you receive a fair price for your gold items.

At Gold Buyers Group, we are reputable gold buyers and dealers in Tullamarine . We buy gold at the best rates. All our transactions are honest and transparent. Whether you want to buy gold or sell gold, we’re here to offer great value.

Sell Gold Bullion: Get the Best Prices for Your Gold Bars

Bullions are fine metals that could be gold or silver and come in the form of standardised bars or ingots. Gold bullion bars are highly sought after for their purity and their ability to hold good value. If you want to sell gold bullion or silver bars, we can help.

Keeping track of their prices can help maximise your potential profit, as it fluctuates based on market conditions. We offer a silver or gold bullion price according to the latest rates. Check our website for the current 1kg of gold price. 

If you are wondering about where to sell gold bullion, it’s important to approach the right dealers who can offer competitive prices. That’s where we step in. gold bullion bars. Gold Buyers Group provides fair prices for gold.

How Scrap Gold Prices are Determined

If you have plenty of scrap gold pieces lying in your home, why not exchange it for cash today? We offer the highest cash payments for gold and silver jewellery, coins, diamond engagement rings, watches, gold nuggets, gold bars, and ingots. When it comes to determining scrap gold prices, several factors come into play. The gold price per gram serves as a reference point, and it varies depending on the purity of the gold, commonly expressed in carats.

Here’s a breakdown of our approximate prices per gram for different caratages of gold:

  • 9ct Gold Price: As 9ct gold contains 37.5% pure gold, the price per gram typically reflects a lower value compared to higher caratages. We can buy 9ct gold up to $32.50 per gram
  • 14ct Gold Price: With a gold purity of 58.3%, 14ct gold commands a higher price per gram. Our approximate price range for 14ct gold is currently around $50.60 per gram.
  • 18ct Gold Price: Being 75% pure gold, 18ct gold is highly valued. The current approximate price we offer per gram for 18ct gold is $64.90.
  • 22ct Gold Price: Considered a high-quality gold alloy, 22ct gold contains 91.6% pure gold. Our price range for 22ct gold is currently estimated to be around $79.30 per gram.
  • 24ct Gold Price: With a gold purity of 99.9%, 24ct gold is considered pure gold, it is priced at the current gold price per gram which is $88.30.

*These rates are an indication of spot retail price and could be updated during trading hours. Please call our team for the latest prices or check out our website.

Buy or Sell Diamond Engagement Ring in Tullamarine Today!

We understand that selling your jewellery, particularly your diamond engagement ring, is a very emotional process. When selling your engagement ring, it’s important to choose a buyer or jeweller who understands the sentimental value and appreciates the significance of the item. That’s where we step in.

We specialise in assessing and buying diamonds, fine jewellery and watches. With us, you are sure to get the best price for your diamond ring. Call Gold Buyers Group on 91 91 44 84. You can also send your SMS queries to 0416 83 70 70, or email us at