Sell Your Gold Scrap with Gold Buyers Group in Cranbourne

Do you want to sell gold jewellery, nuggets or gold scarp quickly? Are you wondering where to sell gold for top cash? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Gold Buyers Group is one of the most trusted gold buyers in Melbourne. Whether you’re in Cranbourne or anywhere in Melbourne, you can sell us any type of gold jewellery, in any condition and quantity. We accept gold and gold scrap, offering top dollar for both.

All our trasactions are done in a secure and transparent manner. Our expert staff test the gold that you bring for purity and weight before you make an on-the-spot offer. Our deal will be based on the current gold price.

Why Should Buy Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion is pure gold of 99.99% purity in the shape of bars or circular coins. It is a standard gold product that is bought and sold throughout Australia. Here are some reasons to purchase gold bullion:

  • Price appreciation: Gold bullion has continuous demand. Moreover, its price has seen a general trend of appreciation over the years.

  • Easy to buy and sell gold bullion: It is easy to buy and sell gold bullion. There are no approvals required, no elaborate paperwork, and no delay in payment. You can sell silver bullion or your gold bullion, and get instant cash.

What is Scrap Gold and How to Know its Purity?

Scarp gold is any type of gold jewellery or nuggets that needs to be melted or recycled before it can be used again. It has a lesser value than other types of gold items. You can sell your scrap gold at Gold Buyers Group and get the high gold selling price. Our offer is based on the current gold price per gram in the market. Purity and quantity of scarp gold affects its value.

Our expert staff check your scarp gold for purity and weight in front of you, before making you an on-the-spot offer. We use the latest machines like X-Ray Fluorescence to test the purity of the scrap gold. The higher the purity, the better the value of your scrap gold you will get.

Value of Scrap Gold

Scrap gold refers to any gold item that is no longer in use but still holds value. This is because the gold is then refined and recycled. Any impurities are removed after which the resulting gold can be sold or reused to make jewellery. As it has to go through this process, its value is less than that of pure gold. However, by selling it to a reputed buyer like Gold Buyers Group, you can get the highest price in Melbourne for your scrap gold.

Why Choose Us to Sell Your Unwanted Gold?

Gold Buyers Group is the place to sell your unwanted gold for the best price. Walk into our office at Melbourne CBD and get the highest price for scrap gold. We offer complete privacy and secure transactions.

You do need to call to make a prior appointment. We’ve made the process of selling gold easy and simple with us. Here are a few reasons to choose us for selling gold items:

  • Highest price for gold
  • Gold is accepted in any form
  • X-Ray Fluorescence for purity testing
  • Accurate weighting
  • Instant cash payment
  • Simple process
  • No appointments required

You can visit us to sell gold of any purity, quantity, and form. To find out the latest gold price or to speak to our expert, call us on 91 91 44 84 or email us at